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Why Choosing Bumi X

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Why choosing Bumi X as your Courier Services Provider
Reason No 1: Our Establishment

Founded in 2007, Bumi X (M) Sdn Bhd is dedicated in connecting you to your world of business opportunities with our express delivery on the national and international scene.

Bumi X (M) Sdn Bhd
is a full-service expedited carrier service company, dedicated in ensuring your consignments are delivered promptly. Here, we are trained to handle time-critical Shipments, with dedicated transportations to enable non-stop point-to-point deliveries.

At Bumi X (M) Sdn Bhd, it is our corporate responsibility in extending same day courier services, office boy service for multinational and local companies, as these companies require such critical services to send their documents and parcels in Klang Valley.

Reason No 2: Our Networks

Bumi X (M) Sdn Bhd encompasses operations throughout East and West Malaysia. We maintain a sizable proficient team who are highly trained in providing high quality personalized service as well as customer focused support services to our niche market customers.

We ensure your documents, parcels and freight are delivered safely and on-time using our integrated air and road networks

Reason No 3: Our Online-Courier Management System

Bumi X Courier Management System is a global communication system, which links all our offices in Malaysia and beyond. The online system makes it easier for our customers to check the status of their shipments with ease.

To keep pace with the changing environment, the system is integration into our daily movement of courier.  Thus, Bumi X (M) Sdn Bhd and its customers are able to monitor their shipments with ease.  In adopting the latest cutting edge system, we are able exchange data-manifest, shipment information, proof of deliveries, and for emailing purposes.

The convenience in checking the delivery status, next point of arrival and proof of deliveries online serves as a value added service to our business partners. This global system includes functions that suit different types of customers.

Reason No 4: Our Targeted Goal

To establish a Standard of Excellence in both Domestic and International Express Delivery service through employment of dedicated people and logistics resources.